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Top 3 Questions: Insurance Claims after Wildfire Damage

Insurance claims can be frustrating and confusing, especially when you’re in the midst of rebuilding your life after fire damage.

We met with Corey Kaster, President of Insurance Masters NW to help answer some frequently asked questions about working with insurance companies following a natural disaster.

Pro Tip: “Insurance claims are on a case by case basis and the insurance agent involved in the claim will be your best resource.”

Question: How do I prepare for a possible future insurance claim if I am in a level 1 or level 2 evacuation zone?

Answer: If you have time to prepare prior to evacuating your home, create a video walkthrough of your house and video-document all of your possessions, talking through each item in detail.

When wildfires strike, the safety of you and your family always comes first, so documenting belongings isn’t always possible when lives are on the line.

Question: Will homeowners insurance cover my house if the fire was man made?

Answer: Yes, insurance still covers your home if damage or loss results from a man made fire.

Question: If I am evacuated, what will my homeowner’s insurance cover if my family is evacuated? 

Answer: Most insurance companies will cover 2 weeks of stay if you are in a level 3 evacuation. This coverage applies even if your home has not been damaged.

Quick resource:

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Steps to Rebuilding After Fire

In this excellent post by attorney Fred Hertz, there are several key concepts for homeowners and business owners to grasp in thinking about how to rebuild after a wildfire disaster. 

Understanding Where to Begin

For most home owners (and business owners), there will be a few key steps: 

  1. Finding temporary housing and household items;
  2. Submit and resolve an insurance claim; 
  3. Cleaning up the property to build or sell;
  4. Rebuilding of the structure or selling the parcel.

The intention of Rebuild Oregon is to assist wildfire survivors by acting as a resource to rebuilding their homes and businesses or selling their property. 

Read the article here.